Pittsburgh Pirates: Mitch Keller Returning to the Majors


The Pittsburgh Pirates are playing the worst baseball they have ever played in the Clint Hurdle Era and there is not much to be excited about.  However, there might be something to watch next week.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are on pace to have one of the worst second halves of a season in the modern era.  The only real positives in the second half have been Bryan Reynolds and Starling Marte.  These two have carried the team as much as they can, but two hitters cannot dictate a team’s fate over a large stretch of time.

The team is a mess and Clint Hurdle is likely on the hot seat.  The Bucs have had multiple top prospects come up over the years to see them never reach their potential or for them to flourish elsewhere (i.e. Gerrit Cole and Charlie Morton).  When looking at the overall team, the roster just seems to lack any significant talent outside Marte, Reynolds, and Kevin Newman.

That apparently is going to change as soon as next week.

Finally, it sounds like the Pittsburgh Pirates are recalling their top pitching prospect in Mitch Keller. Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette tweeted that it seems likely Keller will make his next start on Tuesday against the Los Angeles Angels.  Mackey tweeted:

"Really looks like Mitch Keller next Tuesday. Pirates going Archer Friday, Musgrove Saturday and Brault Sunday. … Williams on turn to go Monday. … Keller would be on turn for Tuesday, where they have an opening."

The Bucs starting rotation has been horrible and quite frankly could use a boost.  Beyond that, the team is not in the playoff picture and Keller needs to be promoted to show that he belongs in the team’s plans for the 2020 season.

Yes, his first few starts at the big league level were tough, but he also showed improvement in each one.  Furthermore, Keller has traditionally struggled at every level after being promoted.

Next. The Bucs need to recognize what they are. dark

If nothing else, Mitch Keller can give Pittsburgh Pirates fans a reason to watch them the rest of the season.  The team is likely going to have the second worst record in the National League, what do the have to lose?  If anything Keller comes up and learns how to pitch in the big leagues now so he is ready for more success next year.  The Pittsburgh Pirates need to call Mitch Keller up for the start on Tuesday and give him a chance.