An Early Look Into The Pirates Starting Pitching Options This Winter

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Rick Porcello

It is out of the realm of possibility that the Pirates sign a guy like Stephen Strasburg or Gerrit Cole this off-season, so they will be focusing on the less expensive options. Rick Porcello could be a cheaper alternative.

Porcello signed a 4-year / $82,500,000 contract extension with the Red Sox that paid him an annual salary of $20,625,000. He will not command nearly that amount this off-season as he has struggled for the past 3 years. The 30 year-old Porcello has posted a 5.49 ERA in 25 starts this season with the Sox and he hasn’t been good since his Cy Young season in 2016. A veteran that has had success and a taste of the playoffs, Porcello could be an option for the Pirates.

Like Archer, Porcello’s years of being a great pitcher are behind him. In his 11-year career in the Majors he has posted a sub 4.00 ERA only 3 times with 3.15 being the lowest. His career ERA is a 4.34 in 332 starts. He will simply never be worth $82 million at any point again, but may be in the price range that Neal Huntington is looking for. A one-year deal would be more likely in a marriage with the Buccos so he is able to try and rebuild his value.