Pittsburgh Pirates: Could Political Pressure force a Regime Change?

(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)
(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images) /

After a disgraceful season, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and his team are looking into ways to change the current trajectory of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

I feel as if Pittsburgh is one giant Where’s Waldo puzzle – except that Waldo is replaced by Bob Nutting.

Almost a full week removed from the end of a disgraceful 2019 regular season, Pittsburgh Pirates owner, Bob Nutting, has yet to make a public appearance. Whether it is because he doesn’t care about the organization or its success, is busy with other business endeavors, is scared, or is embarrassed – his public opinion ratings continue to plummet to the depths of the Mariana Trench.

Many in Pittsburgh have correctly identified that the problem with the Pirates resides at the top. Firing Clint Hurdle and bringing in a new manager is equivalent to placing a band-aid on someone coming out of open-heart surgery.

Will anything ever happen though?

Honestly, I am not sure, but there seems to be some promising signs of pressure mounting against Nutting. Last Wednesday, Dejan Kovacevic wrote an article that called on fans, stakeholders, and politicians to take action against Nutting’s apparent lack of passion and financial investment in the Pittsburgh Pirates. Interestingly, the Mayor of Pittsburgh Bill Peduto, responded to Kovacevic in both a public and private manner.

Sent around Steelers kickoff on Monday, Mayor Peduto stated that he is aware of the current displeasure of fans with the Pirates and actually started to look into the legal options available to his office.

In a follow up tweet, Peduto stated that he is going to continue to look into long-term options to rectify the current situation.

While I don’t believe that Bob Nutting reads what anyone here at RumBunter writes, what Dejan Kovacevic writes, or any other sports media for that matter, I guarantee you that he was made aware of Mayor Peduto’s tweets as they threaten his business endevours.

While I also don’t believe that Peduto can, will or even should force a regime change at the top levels of the Pirates organization, I do believe that he can, and potentially will, provide the high-level coordination needed to convince Nutting that his money is better invested elsewhere.

Here at Rum Bunter, we are going to continue to talk Pirates all off-season. Some of that talk will be analysis, some will be news, and some will take the form of venting frustrations – but no matter how much we write, it is going to take the entire city to get this team back on track.

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Don’t let frustration and hopelessness turn into apathy – turn these into passion. Let’s rally around the team and show the players and whoever the new manager is our support. But, also take this passion and apply pressure on Nutting to show that he cares about this team or that he needs to get out. Peduto is ready, are you?