A Potential Blockbuster Trade for the Pittsburgh Pirates

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Many rumors have surfaced that both the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants are looking to be active during the Winter Meetings. I believe that a blockbuster trade could greatly benefit both teams.

While the trade I am going to propose has not been rumored yet at the Winter Meetings, it would not surprise me if something similar is being discussed by Pittsburgh Pirates GM Ben Cherington and Giants GM Scott Harris. Alright, let me propose the trade, but before anyone cries with outrage, I encourage you to read the reasoning behind the exchange.

Overarching Reasons for the Trade

It is very well documented that the Pirates are most likely looking to at least partially rebuild under Cherington. After finishing at 69-93 and last place in the NL Central in 2019, the team has to do some major re-tooling. The next realistic competitive window for the Pirates will be in two or three years, which means that they are going to target prospects in trades that fit into that window.

The San Francisco Giants, on the other hand, are reportedly (subscription link) trying to avoid a complete rebuild, but have not yet showed their true off-season intentions. With decent financial flexibility available the Giants may look to try and appease the current fans and future fans by upgrading their current roster while also growing younger.

Let’s start by taking a look at this trade from the Pirates’ perspective.