The 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates, Where Are They Now?

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It has been 7 years since the Pittsburgh Pirates made their triumphant return to the postseason. After the trade of Starling Marte on Monday, there are no players remaining from their 2013 team. 

It was a long and stressful 20 years for Pittsburgh Pirates fans as they failed to have a winning season from 1993-2012. Many people gave up on the team, the owner, and the players. The passion for baseball in this city was scarce and left most feeling short changed.

In 2013, the Pirates returned to the playoffs for the first time in two decades. After recording a 94 win season, there was a tantalizing buzz sweeping across South Western Pennsylvania. Fans finally were able to have a feeling of passion and pride for the organization again. From Andrew McCutchen winning the MVP, to Russell Martin hitting a nuke off of Johnny Cueto in the Wild Card Game, there was a sense of cheerfulness for baseball in Pittsburgh.

Now that Starling Marte is no longer on the team, there is no one left from that magical playoff run. So, it raises the question, where are they now? Lets dive in and take a look to see what the players from the 2013 team are doing now.