The 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates, Where Are They Now?

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Pittsburgh Pirates
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Starting Pitchers

A.J. Burnett 

Burnett was transcendent in the Pirates rotation. After spending 2012-2013 with them, he played for the Phillies in 2014. He later signed with the Pirates again in 2015, when he was an All-Star and retired after the season.

Jeff Locke

Locke played six years with the Bucs and finished his career with the Marlins in 2017. He never was able to catch on anywhere after that.

Francisco Liriano 

Frankie had 2 stints with the Pirates as he played here from 2013-2016 and in 2019. He recently signed a minor league deal with the Phillies.

Gerrit Cole

Cole was infamously traded by Neal Huntington to the Astros in 2018. He made himself a name there and recently signed the largest free agent contract in MLB history for a pitcher.

Charlie Morton 

Morton didn’t have the best career with the Pirates and was traded to the Phillies in 2016. From 2017-2018 played in Houston, won a World Series, became an All-Star and now plays for the Rays.