Pittsburgh Pirates: Examining MLB Pipeline’s 2020 Top 30 List

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Pittsburgh Pirates
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Things seem to be trending in the right direction for the Pittsburgh Pirates farm system.  The cupboard remained bare for the last few years but seems to be on the rebound.  A good bit of the team’s prospects have taken steps forward and ever since Junior Vizcaino took over as the head of International Scouting, the team has seen some better International prospects making impacts.  This is vital for the new Front Office and managerial regime to have in order to compete.  MLB Pipeline’s top 10 are (Click Here for Complete List):

  1. Mitch Keller
  2. Ke’Bryan Hayes
  3. Oneil Cruz
  4. Quinn Priester
  5. Liover Peguero
  6. Travis Swaggerty
  7. Brennan Malone
  8. Sammy Siani
  9. Jared Oliva
  10. Cody Bolton

Even with Keller and Hayes likely graduating from the list at some point this season, the team has plenty of young prospects who could vault themselves into top prospect consideration.  Pitchers like Brennan Malone and Quinn Priester both have first-round pedigree and already rank as top 10 prospects as teenagers.  Meanwhile, players like Peguero, Mojica, and Nolasco look to be the Pittsburgh Pirates next top hitting prospects.

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If both Keller and Hayes graduate Oneil Cruz will likely be considered the team’s top prospect.  In terms of pure potential, he has the highest in the system, which is why he is ranked at number three overall.  If he shows he can make consistent contact at Double-A this year, then he will no doubt be the team’s next top prospect.