Potential DFA Candidates The Pittsburgh Pirates Should Look Into

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Spring Training will end with many cuts being made. Some of them don’t have options left and will have to go through waivers. Now is the time for the Pirates to look into those players.

At the end of Spring Training, many roster cuts are going to be made as teams look to make their final roster adjustments. Not every single player has options left and would have to be passed through waivers. This gives teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates an opportunity to claim players off waivers, and a few potentially interesting could be up for grabs. Especially considering that the Pittsburgh Pirates are high on the Waiver Priority list.

With that being said, the Pittsburgh Pirates 40-man roster is currently at full capacity.  The team would have to designate a player for assignment in order to make room for anyone that they would claim off of waivers.  The Pittsburgh Pirates have several candidates on their 40-man roster that they could release.

I wanted to go over a few potential DFA candidates that could help bolster the Pirates’ depth and provide someone who has zero risks, but potentially high rewards. The first player is a highly athletic outfielder that Ben Cherington and Steve Saunders would be very familiar with.