Major League Baseball to Close Spring Facilities on Friday


As the coronavirus outbreak continues to shutdown the sports world, Major League Baseball has announced their next move after suspending Spring Training and delaying the start of the regular season

On Thursday, Major League Baseball announced that they would be suspending Spring Training. League offices also announced that the start of the regular season will be delayed by at least two weeks. With that, normal life for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the rest of baseball, just as it has for much of America, came to a grinding halt due to the coronavirus.

When these measures, which are 100% the correct move by baseball, were announced there were a lot of question about what would come next. Would players remain at their team’s Spring Training facilities? Would they return home to their families? Would they return to the city their team is from? How would they go about working out to continue to be in game shape for when the regular season hopefully begins.

Well, on Thursday night there was some clarification on what will come next. What will come next is the closure of team’s Spring Training facilities from Friday through Sunday.

With this closure, no one form the public will be able to access the facilities. This includes fans, media members, and friends/family members of players and staff. As beat writer Adam Berry noted in his Tweet, the hope is we will hear more from Pirate management on Friday on what they plan to do next.

Manager Derek Shelton said on Thursday that he hopes the team can continue to workout in Bradenton in an effort to make sure they are in shape and ready when the regular season does begin. He expressed hope in even being able to do something as simple as holding intrasquad games.

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No one knows what is next for MLB or the sports world in general. As painful as it can be to say, there are much more important things in the world than sports. Even this self proclaimed sports addict will admit as much. Hopefully, baseball and sports are back soon because that means that the coronavirus issue, which is much bigger than sports, is starting to dwindle.