Pittsburgh Pirates: Life Without Baseball as April Begins


There has still yet to be regular season baseball played by the Pittsburgh Pirates or any other MLB club as March has passed, and it all seems like a sad April Fools’ Day joke

The Pittsburgh Pirates should have had a match up with the Chicago Cubs on Wednesday afternoon, and they should have already had five other games under their belts. However, the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across America and is having a major impact on not only baseball, but on all sports around the world.

Now, it should also be mentioned that the health and safety of everyone is substantially more important than any sporting event. There is no disputing that. I can speak for all of us here at Rum Bunter when I say that we are thinking of all of you during these tough and unprecedented times.

However, life without the Pittsburgh Pirates is not easy. I miss sitting down and watching every game. I miss cheering when Josh Bell crushes a baseball out of PNC Park. I miss seeing the flare and energy that Chris Archer has when he is on the mound. I even miss how angry I get when a reliever blows a lead late in the game or when the offense forgets to show up for a game. I miss the team. I miss it all.

Luckily, YouTube is filled with plenty of old Pittsburgh Pirates clips. I think I’ve watched the Gregory Polanco walk off to beat the St. Louis Cardinals before the All-Star break in 2015 at least ten times now. I’ve also watched classic clips of the 2015 season, the 2013 Wild Card Game, and the 2013 NLDS. Those moments are unforgettable and they make the wait for more Pirates baseball even harder. The season can’t start soon enough!

This postponement of the 2020 baseball season should be a real eye-opener for Pirates fans. It shows that baseball should never be taken for granted. Some games may be great and some games may be hard to watch, but not having any baseball at all is the worst possible thing that could happen.

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What are you doing to pass the time without sports during the pandemic? What Pittsburgh Pirates clips have you been watching to get your fix for baseball?