Pittsburgh Pirates Best Prospects By Each Tool: Position Players

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The Pittsburgh Pirates have a handful of above average prospects, but who is the best among each tool?

The Pittsburgh Pirates are considered to have one of the better farm systems in baseball. While it’s still not the greatest and has a good amount of room for improvement, it has gotten better over this off-season with the additions of pitcher Brennan Malone and shortstop Liover Peguero. Each year, prospects are given grades for their tools such as hitting, power, fielding, and arm.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have a handful of prospects who are considered above average or better in each of these tools. But who is the best at each?

That’s what we want to get into today. Before we start, the grade of each tool prospects are put on are on a scale where 50 is average, and anything above or below that is better or worse than average. Plus, FanGraphs gives them a future grade to project how that tool will develop overtime. It should also be mentioned that hit and power are two separate things. If a player has a higher hit tool than power tool, that means they’re more of a contact/on base batter who isn’t going to provide as much power as someone with a higher power tool.