Pittsburgh Pirates News: Universal DH Expected to be Proposed for 2020


As expected, the idea of an universal designated is expected to be proposed for a 2020 MLB season. How does this impact the Pittsburgh Pirates?

If there is a 2020 MLB season, it will undoubtedly be unlike any before it and likely any that will ever come after it. Thankfully, with each passing day it appears to be more and more likely that there will indeed be a 2020 MLB season. So, get ready Pittsburgh Pirates fans, it appears baseball is coming!

Not long after the whispers began that the 2020 MLB season would still be played despite the coronavirus pandemic, there have been a lot of potential changes that have been floated. One of these potential changes that has been discussed is a universal designated hitter. Well, it appears that in the new season start up proposal that is expected to be presented on Tuesday will include an universal DH.

This should come as no surprise to anyone. It was expected the universal DH would be here by 2021, now it appears it will arrive in 2020. So, how does this impact the Pittsburgh Pirates?

This is something we have discussed previously on the site. You can read about that here. As we have discussed, a DH in 2020 could impact players such as Josh Bell, Jose Osuna, Colin Moran, Ke’Bryan Hayes, or Will Craig.

Bringing the DH to the National League is long overdue. Yes, the argument can be made that the DH takes strategy out of the game. That said, watching pitchers hit lowers the quality of the game. So does pitchers having to be pulled for a pinch hitter in the 6th or 7th inning of a low scoring game.

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What is your opinion? Do you like the universal DH? If so, why? If you do not, why not? Sound off in the comments below!