Hey Pittsburgh Pirates, I Miss You


The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a stand still. With this happening, it’s been a reminder of how much I love, and currently miss, the Pittsburgh Pirates.

In life, there are a lot of things that bring people happiness. For me, topping that list are my wife and children. But not far behind them is being on Pittsburgh’s North Shore, attending Pittsburgh Pirates games.

One thing the coronavirus shutdown has taught me is to never take anything for granted again. This applies to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Never again will I take for granted sitting in my seat in section 317 at PNC Park. Never again will I take for granted hanging out on the North Shore before the game with my dad, wife, my kids, or a combination of the three.

Meeting friends at SoHo, Mullen’s, Bettis Grille 36, Rivertowne Brewery, or Bar Louie, among other establishments, will never again be taken for granted. Hell, man, there are few things I’d enjoy more right now than to meet up with friends for a beer at any of these places on a busy North Shore before a Pittsburgh Pirates game.

Listening to the angelic voice of Tim DeBacco introduce players such as Bryan Reynolds, Josh Bell or Gregory Polanco in the starting lineup seem forever ago. Hopefully before long, we will be back at the best ballpark in America listening to DeBacco’s voice.

Celebrating big hits, home runs, walk offs, dramatic strikeouts, and web gems, all among the list of things baseball fans far and wide miss right now. Eating those ballpark nachos that somehow always seemed to taste better than any other nachos, going for a stroll on the river walk before/after the game, and even complaining bout the team, all of that is missed too.

Even the less fortunate sides of baseball are things we all miss right now. Rain delays, replays that take forever, annoying pitching changes, all parts of baseball that are less than desirable but are still missed dearly right now.

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Never again will I take for granted watching my dad and my oldest son at PNC Park together and the amount of fun they have. One thing, however, I will do moving forward is further cherish moments at the ballpark and look even more fondly on already created memories at PNC Park.

I miss you, Pittsburgh Pirates, and I can not wait until you are back in my life.