Pittsburgh Pirates: Top Five Center Fielders in Franchise History

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – AUGUST 28: Starling Marte #6 of the Pittsburgh Pirates hits a home run against the Philadelphia Phillies during the sixth inning of a game at Citizens Bank Park on August 28, 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

The Pittsburgh Pirates outfield history is in general very deep. Last time, we went over left fielders, so let’s  move over to center field.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have an all-around deep, rich history of talented outfielders in general. The last outfield position we looked at was left field. It was so deep that Hall of Fame slugger Ralph Kiner was only number four. The Pirates all time wRC+ leader, Brian Giles, was 5th.

Seemingly ever great era of Pittsburgh Pirates baseball included a great center fielder. This was true in the 1970s, early 1990s and the 2010s. It really is remarkable the amount of talent the Pirates have had in center field over the years.

We might have a situation like that in center field today. Like with all these lists, I will be using the era adjusted numbers like OPS+ and wRC+. I will also take into consideration time played with the team. So with that all being said, let’s go over the top five center fielders in the long, storied history of the Pittsburgh Pirates. In fact, the list will be kicking off with a Hall of Famer, which, once again, goes to show how deep the franchise’s talent pool has been in center field.

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