Rum Bunter Radio Episode Two: Breaking Down Prospects and the 2020 Draft


Rum Bunter Radio is back for its second episode of the season. In this thirty-minute Pittsburgh Pirates talk show, hosts Nick Caporoso and Trey Yanity welcomed Cody Potanko as the first guest of the season.

This week, we welcome prospect specialist Cody Potanko on to the show. While with Rum Bunter, Cody has served as a staff contributor at Rum Bunter for four months and has written a wide variety of short and long-form pieces including his most recent series “A Day in the Life of Minor Leaguer“. Throughout this series Cody sat down with Pittsburgh Pirates minor leaguers including former first-round draft pick Quinn Priester, to find out what it’s like inside the locker room.

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To begin episode two, the trio jumped into a discussion about owner-player meetings and what to think about the current owner proposals being made. Should players take a pay cut? Sliding scale, revenue split, and all payment proposals are laid out and discussed. Will there be a season in 2020? Updated thoughts from the crew may change your opinion.

The 2020 Major League Baseball draft is only twelve days away, listen to Nick and Cody’s mock picks for the first three in this year’s class. The hosts then give their thoughts on some other names that could be on the Pittsburgh Pirates radar. With this year’s draft only containing five rounds, each team faces harder decisions on who to draft, Cody gives his thoughts on who the Pirates will be taking in the late rounds, and why this year’s draft will be much different than past years.

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In Pittsburgh, certain areas of the game are emphasized throughout all levels of the organization. As the show concludes, listen to find out which areas these are and why the new regime of Ben Cherrington, Derek Shelton, and crew will be taking on every aspect of the organization with a different attitude.