Pittsburgh Pirates: Best First Round Picks in Franchise History

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Pittsburgh Pirates
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The MLB Draft is less than two weeks away (yay for an actual sporting event!). So let’s go back throughout the Pittsburgh Pirates 1st round picks and see who are the five best in the team’s history.

Since 1965, the Pittsburgh Pirates have picked 67 different players in the 1st round of the MLB Draft. Some of the players they’ve chosen have become the face of the franchise for a handful of seasons, and others were complete busts. But that is the nature of the beast with any professional sports draft, but especially in baseball.

Regardless, the Pittsburgh Pirates have had more good results than bad results when it comes to the first round of the MLB draft. But out of those 67 picks, who became the five most productive members of the Pittsburgh Pirates?

As with any list, this is one that is subjective. An argument can be made for many players to be among the five best 1st round picks in franchise history. So, after reading the list, sound off in the comments below and let us know if you agree or not, and why or why not! Banter is part of what makes sports talk so great and so much fun.