Rum Bunter Radio Episode 3: Pittsburgh Pirates lose Chris Archer


This week’s episode the team takes look a look at if there will be baseball in 2020.  They also discuss Chris Archer’s injury, the trade, and the Pittsburgh Pirates 2020 rotation.

The world of baseball has been taken on a roller coaster ride for the past four weeks. As the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) continues to negotiate with all thirty owners, tensions continue to rise while the season and the future of baseball are left at stake. Also, where does this leave the Pittsburgh Pirates and their chances in 2020?

In episode three of Rum Bunter Radio, Trey Yanity, Nick Caporoso and Marty Leap explain the state of baseball and where things look for 2020. Fifty games? Eight-two? One-hundred and fourteen? Where will these games be played? The hosts answer the questions and dive into the process of settling things for all.

The final day of July 2018, a day that was supposed to go down as a fond memory of a trade that set the Pirates up for a deep playoff run. Instead, a day that conducted one of the worst trades in recent baseball history.

After Chris Archer received surgery early in the week, ruling him out for the entire 2020 season, he may have played his final game as a Pittsburgh Pirate. Listen in to figure out where the staff goes from here. With an extra slot available in the starting rotation Chad Kuhl and Steven Brault look to battle it out.

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As optimism gains that the doors will re-open for baseball this year details begin to become more clear. One of the harsh realities is the severe cut of minor league rosters, leaving nearly one-thousand players without a job. Thankfully help is being provided from big leaguers, as everyone involved aims to navigate this hard time.

There are silver linings although, a hot start in Pittsburgh could open the possibility to a playoff run giving the Pirates a real chance this year.

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