Pittsburgh Pirates: Ranking Neal Huntington’s First-Round Draft Picks Part One

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With the MLB Draft less than a week away, we will begin a look back at each first-round selection from Neal Huntington’s tenure as Pittsburgh Pirates general manager. We will start with part one of this two part series today.

The MLB Draft is set to take place this upcoming Wednesday. While this draft will be much different than any before it, especially since it will only have five rounds, general manager Ben Cherington and the Pittsburgh Pirates will be looking to add as much talent as possible to their farm system on Wednesday.

This will be the first draft since 2007 with someone other than Neal Huntington as general manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates. During his time in Pittsburgh, Huntington made some strong picks in the first-round of the draft, and some not so strong ones.

Starting with part one today, we will be taking a look back at Huntington’s first-round picks as Pirate GM and ranking them. Before we get started, readers need to know that this list contains only true first-round picks. So, supplemental picks such as Ke’Bryan Hayes are not eligible to be on the list. That means there will be 13 draft picks being ranked.

Additionally, where a player ranks on the list will be dependent upon what they accomplished as a Pirate. If they have since moved on to another organization, how they performed with that team is not a factor.

With all of that said, let’s dive in!