Pittsburgh Pirates: Top Prospects in the Player Pool

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Pittsburgh Pirates
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Sunday afternoon the Pittsburgh Pirates released their 60-man player pool for the 2020 season, and this player pool includes some of their top prospects

As the Pittsburgh Pirates and the rest of MLB prepare to start camp later this week in advance of the July 23 or 24 Opening Day, team’s announced their 60-man player pools on Sunday. While players can be added to and removed from the player pool, the 60 players that the Pittsburgh Pirates will start the season with in their player pool are now known.

The bulk of the team’s player pool are who you would expect. It is mostly players that have already accumulated significant MLB time and are expected to play a major role for the Pittsburgh Pirates this season.

Of the 60 players in the team’s player pool, 40 of them will train at PNC Park. The other 20, who currently make up the team’s taxi squad, will head to People’s Natural Gas Field in Altoona to train.

In addition to the players expected to play a big role this season, the team has also included some of their top prospects in their 60-man player pool. Who are some of the most intriguing prospects included in the 60-man player pool? And can they make an impact for the Pittsburgh Pirates this season?