Pittsburgh Pirates: Three Prospects Running Out of Time

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After years of toiling in the minor leagues, these three Pittsburgh Pirates prospects might soon be at the end of their road with the team.

In any sport, prospects are not an exact science. This is especially true in baseball, as fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates, as well as every other MLB team, have seen over the years.

A team’s first-round pick is not a guaranteed future MLB player, and just because you rank higher on prospect lists doesn’t mean you’re going to be a future star. Sometimes this isn’t the prospect’s fault. They get passed ahead by other more talented players, injuries occur and can further push a prospect back, or they simply just don’t live up to the hype.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have a few prospects who are being passed on both the prospect and depth charts. So let’s take a look at three prospects who are running out of time to prove themselves, and become reliable MLB players.

Now just because they’re running out of time doesn’t mean they won’t ever be successful. But as the Pittsburgh Pirates currently stand, they’re not seen as long term building blocks with many other prospects now passing them, or because of an injury.