Rum Bunter Radio Episode 11: Bullpen Woes Follow Pittsburgh Pirates Home


Top of the ninth, one out, Pittsburgh Pirates lead the Milwaukee Brewers 5-1…

Troubling times for the Pittsburgh Pirates just four games into their young 2020 season. A team that found themselves just two outs away from a two game win streak and the chance to get their first home win of the year, couldn’t finish the job.

On Monday night the Pirates gave up a four run lead in the 9th inning for the first time since 2006. Not only did the Brewers come all the way back to tie it, but they would go on to win in the 11th.

WE NEED ANSWERS! Thankfully Rum Bunter Radio is here. In episode 11, Marty and Trey dive right into the chaos, and give their thoughts on why things went the way they did in Pittsburgh’s 6-5 loss to Milwaukee Monday night.

Outside of the team’s sudden and total collapse in game one against the Crew, positives can be taken away from Opening Weekend plus one. Fear Red Beard! Colin Moran dropped two bombs in the Pirates home opener, the second of which landed in the Allegheny River off the bounce. Where does this leave the third base role? Open for the taking, hear the team’s thoughts on who deserves the job and what it could mean for Pittsburgh’s lineup moving forward.

Gregory Polanco returns from COVID-19, for the first time this year, and for the first time since 2018 Chad Kuhl takes the bump. The guys digest their performances while making their case for why Kuhl deserves the fifth rotation spot.

If ever there was a time for baseball it’s now, but news breaking out of Miami Monday morning may jeopardize everything MLB has worked so hard to bring back. Marty and Trey help guide you through this whacky situation, and candidly describe what they think will happen next.

Batten down the hatches, clear the decks, Pittsburgh Pirates baseball is here, and hopefully here to stay.

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