Rum Bunter Radio Episode 14: So This is What Winning Feels Like for the Pittsburgh Pirates


The Pittsburgh Pirates have won a major league baseball game, is this real life?

Rum Bunter Radio is back to get your weekend started with episode fourteen. Marty, Nick, Trey, and staff writer Noah Wright break down the Pittsburgh Pirates thrilling 6-5 walk-off win over the Minnesota Twins, address the misconceptions of tanking in 2020, and battle over whether the future of Gregory Polanco will ever match his past.

It is never easy watching your team lose, especially when they lose seven consecutive times. Although in a shortened sixty-game season, when your team is far out of it just ⅙ of the way through, losing as many games as possible may be the best option.

Weird, right? As Ben Cherrington continues navigating his first year as general manager he aims to fully rebuild the Pittsburgh Pirates and have a top-three pick as the team is lined up to have, accelerates this process to light-speed.

Listen for thoughts on how this tanking strategy will go down, and why being down on Derek Shelton may not be the appropriate feeling quite yet.

Not only was Kevin Newman’s walk-off single an electric part of Thursday’s victory over the Twins, but the effort from recovering right fielder Gregory Polanco. A three-run bomb that tied the game in the 4th inning turned out to be the longest of his career, a career that is on the downturn? The crew talks it out and forecasts the future of Polanco’s tenure in Pittsburgh.

MLB’s top 100 mid-season prospect list dropped earlier this week, and three Pirates place in the top seventy-five. Find out who, and why some future big-league hopefuls got snubbed from the list this go-round.


To close out the episode, the RBR crew opens up the Twitter mailbag and answer questions dealing with Derek Shelton’s thoughts on the tank, minor league sleepers, and fan-favorite Cole Tucker.

Batten down the hatches, clear the decks, Rum Bunter Radio has you covered with everything you need to know as the Pirates get set to host the Detroit Tigers.