Pittsburgh Pirates: Injured List Takes Another in Cole Tucker

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been bitten by many injuries during the 2020 season.  The injury bug is not done with them just yet, as another player joined the Injured List.

Things just keep getting harder for these 2020 Pittsburgh Pirates.  Coming into the season there were really low expectations for the team, and so far they have been exactly in line with those expectations.  While fans knew the team would struggle, there was optimism about the team having a chance to play some of their younger talent.

This included former first round pick Cole Tucker.  Tucker, who was promoted in 2019, was given an opportunity to play almost every game this season, which many thought.  However, no one expected him to not play a single game at shortstop in 2020.  Instead, he has played a majority of his games in the outfield.

Players like Jarrod Dyson and Guillermo Heredia did not provide much production, and the team moved on from them.  Then former top 100 prospect Anthony Alford was claimed on waivers.  He made an immediate impact for the team and showed the potential many believed he had.  However, he broke his elbow crashing into the outfield wall and had to undergo season-ending surgery.

Pittsburgh Pirates Outfielder Cole Tucker has slashed .220/.252/.275

Things have really lined up for Tucker to get regular playing time, and he has slowly grown into a decent outfielder.  While his bat still remains much to be desired, the most important thing would be for the 24 year old to continue to get consistent at-bats.  Well, that will not be happening now as Tucker will head to the Injured List.  Unfortunately, Tucker was placed on the seven-day concussion injured list.

This is a tough break for Tucker and the Pittsburgh Pirates in general.  Every time Derek Shelton turns around, he has another injury to worry about.  On top of that, the team needs to be playing the younger players more, but have lost quite a few to injuries, Tucker being the most recent. Surprisingly, the team has recalled Jose Osuna instead of Jason Martin, who would be more of a centerfield option.

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Hopefully, Cole Tucker is okay.  Unfortunately, Pittsburgh Pirates fans know all too well how concussions can affect a player and a person.  Former catcher Francisco Cervelli received quite a few concussions during his time in Pittsburgh.  With there only being about two weeks left in the season, Tucker may not return this year.  Which honestly, would be the best for his health, especially being there is no real reason for him to press to come back.