Rum Bunter Radio Episode 24: The Suffering is Over for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2020

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The season officially comes to an end as the Pittsburgh Pirates finish with a lopsided record of 19-41.

In this episode the Rum Bunter Radio crew starts their conversation by celebrating the last place finish for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Celebrating? Yes, with 30th place comes pick number one in the 2021 MLB Draft and an open door of options for the Pirates.

Will Kumar be a lock at number one? Or will the Buccos turn to other players like Jack Lighter?

Listen to hear who we think will go number one and why Kumar Rocker isn’t a safe bet quite yet.

As the season comes to an end the Pittsburgh Pirates lose two out of three to the playoff bound Cleveland Indians. Positives to take away from the series include solid starting pitching, a re energized lineup, and well of course, Ke’Bryan Hayes.

Now that the season has concluded the crew shifts their focus to the future of many Pirates including right fielder Gregory Polanco. Will the Pittsburgh Pirates continue to take a chance, or will another club pick up his $11.5 million salary and test the waters with Él Coffee?

Another future up for debate right now, that of former number one prospect Mitch Keller. With his numbers still down and a shaky spring the long term run for Keller may not be with the Pirates. But it’s not time to give up is it? Of course not, Nick jumps in and vies for Mitch the Kid’s future in Pittsburgh.

Even though this year’s whacky playoff bracket won’t be featuring the Pirates, the matchups that came out Sunday afternoon, are full of excitement.

Our team gives their insight on how this October will go, and pick who they think will be playing for this year’s Fall Classic.

Batten down the hatches, clear the decks, the suffering is over for now Pirates fans and clear skies are ahead.

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