Pittsburgh Pirates: Three Players With Notable Short Stints

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Throughout the Pittsburgh Pirates history, they’ve came across some pretty big name players. But not every single one played most of their career in Pittsburgh.

For being around as long as the Pittsburgh Pirates have, you’re bound to have some legendary players. Guys like Honus Wagner, Roberto Clemente, Willie Stargell and Ralph Kiner played most, if not all their career in a Pirate uniform.

However, there are a handful of very good players who aren’t necessarily famous for their stint with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Many times throughout their history, a very good player, who’s mostly known for their tenure with another team, spent a short stint with the Bucs at one point.

Today, let’s take a look at three of those players. These three have played a year or less in a Pirate uniform. Because their stints were so short, you may have forgotten they were even Pirates at one point. But even though their tenures with the Pirates might be just a footnote in their career, each have had long, very successful professions in Major League Baseball.