Rum Bunter Radio: Pittsburgh Pirates OF Anthony Alford Joins The Show


Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Anthony Alford sits down with the Rum Bunter Radio crew to talk baseball, life and much more.

In 2012, Anthony Alford was on roster with the Ole Miss Rebels to play quarterback. He had a passion for the game from as young as memory allows him, but another game, the game of baseball, came on to the scene and stole the show. Now, he is a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

With the chance to play both, Anthony chose baseball, but was that always the plan?

In this episode of Rum Bunter Radio, the crew sits down with Alford, and discuss his journey to the big leagues.

For Anthony Alford growing up in Mississippi meant the chance to play sports year round. With football in the fall and winter and baseball in the spring and summer there was no true offseason growing up. Listen to hear how Anothy’s experiences battling the physical exhaustion made him into the confident, durable player we know today.

There’s not much that can prepare you for a career on the diamond other that simply doing it. Although, SEC football is a close second. Alford takes the guys on a trip through his time in college football and how that got him ready for sports at the next level.

For most young talents the chance to play professional baseball is a dream come true, and it is for Anthony, but has it always been his main goal? He breaks down the turning point in his career mentally and why it was so important to be where he was.

A pre-existing relationship with general manager Ben Cherrington excited Pirates fans when the club got Alford off of waivers, and not only was it exciting for the fanbase, but for the player as well.

To close out the episode Anthony compares what it was like in Toronto versus his experiences in Pittsburgh, and why there’s no place he’d rather be than the Steel City.

Batten down the hatches, clear the decks, Episode 29 of Rum Bunter Radio is here, and it’s one you can’t miss.

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