Pittsburgh Pirates Create a Prospect Devoted Twitter

(Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images) /

The Pittsburgh Pirates are in the rebuilding stage, and they will rely on the minor league system to find success.  This is something the new Front Office is trying to promote.

There has been a lot of change to the Pittsburgh Pirates organization over the last year or so.  The team is currently going through a rebuild, whether they publicly admit it or not (for some reason this matters to some fans).  There has been one consistent message from the new Front Office, be patient and let them install their program.

A big part of this program is the minor league system.  Ben Cherington was left a middle of the league type farm system, but he was able to quickly add some significant talent and has already turned the system into a one that is in the top 10.  Something Cherington has spoken often about is that he wants to acquire the best talent he can to position this team for contention, right now the best talent projects to be here in 2023.

This is something that most fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates do not want to hear.  It is the same old song and dance that the last regime gave us.  However, this is different.  Multiple people inside the Pittsburgh Pirates organization have told us that the previous regime was very standoffish and always looked to find what was wrong instead of just improving the player.

The term that is often used about the new regime is “positive”.  This seems so simple, but with a young team that is going to struggle to win games, being positive can be hard.  Yet, there is nothing but positive messages being put out. The whole organization has embraced the youth movement, a positive step in the right direction.

There is a real sense that the Front Office and coaching staff are really building towards something.  The team has been more open about prospects, potential deals, and their plans going forward than under the previous regime.  They want the fans to be more informed about the process.  This makes sense, instead of pushing some false product or building up a player who really won’t be here much longer (for what could be multiple reasons), promote what you as an organization are actually trying to do.

The Pittsburgh Pirates organization has taken another step in promoting their youth movement.  The organization has created a second account twitter account directly associated with the team.  Here is the twitter:

This is pretty cool to see, and it appears that the Pittsburgh Pirates are one of the first teams to do this on Twitter.  It makes sense, Twitter is a huge platform for fans, media, and players.  This is an easy way to get cool, unique, yet informative exposure for the Bucs prospects.

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If you have a twitter, be sure to give the account a follow.  Right now the account is not verified, but multiple media members have confirmed that this is the Pittsburgh Pirates running this account.  With the team looking like they will be selling some veterans for more prospects, the twitter could have a very valuable follow over the next few weeks.