Rum Bunter Radio Episode 34: Get to Know Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher Brad Case


Sometimes all you need is a little black book and a lot of confidence, just ask Pittsburgh Pirates pitching prospect Brad Case.

In this episode of Rum Bunter Radio, Marty and Trey sit down with Pittsburgh Pirates minor league pitcher, and founder of the Minor League Talk Podcast Brad Case.

From humble baseball beginnings just outside of New York City, Case thought for most of his life playing the game for a career was unrealistic. Describing his high school status early on as “the guy who came in and blew it”, Case trained with elite talent and became the best pitcher in the entire Big Apple by the time he graduated.

Notice from D-I colleges began to appear, but ultimately Brad decided to surround himself with loads of baseball talent and warm weather when he chose Rollins College, a division II program just outside of Orlando.

Setting high goals from the get go propelled Case to an outstanding first two seasons landing him collegiate all-star recognition. Organization became essential, and with help from a journal Case kept, it became easy.

As obstacles came to the program, and a mental block stood in the way of Brad’s future, the junior season didn’t go quite as planned. But a mental reset, and faith in the routine that got him to where he was allowed Case to take a sigh of relief when he heard his name called in the 2018 first year player draft.

After the run of emotions that comes with draft night Case got right to work, and prepared for his first season with the organization, that ended up being in several stops. As time went on he found his rhythm, and set himself up for a promising year in 2020. It’s no secret what happened to most minor leaguers like Brad Case this year, no baseball and not many answers.

Taking advantage of all the free time, Case started his own podcast, where he talks with minor leaguers across the league. He also got creative with his training, doing workouts wherever they could be done even if that meant the local pizza store.

As the season continues to approach, Brad Case continues to train harder. Hear his story, thoughts on life and plans for the future in this episode of Rum Bunter Radio.

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