Pittsburgh Pirates: Potential Pitchers for the Final Rotation Spot

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Pittsburgh Pirates
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With Opening Day quickly approaching we will take a look at the potential options the Pittsburgh Pirates have for the final spot in their starting rotation

Throughout the duration of Spring Training there will be several battles in camp for the Pittsburgh Pirates. One battle will be center field, another will be the middle of the infield. Another battle that we will discuss today is the final spot in the starting rotation.

I’m fully prepared to get the comments saying, “well, it’s the Pittsburgh Pirates aren’t they all 5th starters?” My favorite one is “We’re losing 120, so who the hell cares who the 5th starter is? He’s a bum anyway.” I just want you to know when I read things like this, it makes me chuckle. I get the bitterness towards the organization, trust me, but why are you still watching if you’re that bitter?

Anyways let’s get back to business, shall we? I think there are several options for that 5th rotation spot, and in this piece, I will give you those several options.

DISCLAIMER: These are my opinions, but if you have a better idea or think there’s a better option, let me know.