Pittsburgh Pirates: MLB The Show 21 to Include a Pirate Legend

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for Lumix)
(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for Lumix) /

Monday afternoon MLB The Show released some huge news for Pittsburgh Pirates fans everywhere with a player reveal for the legends roster

For anyone who is fans of both the Pittsburgh Pirates and MLB The Show there have been some pretty cool developments in their most recent trailer. Now I should probably say you don’t have to be a Pirate fan to be really excited for this news because the player that is making it to the game this year is world-renowned and arguably the best baseball player Pittsburgh has ever seen.

Since MLB The Show is coming out with 21 it is very fitting that “The Great One” Roberto Clemente is going to be in the game for the first time. Clemente is one of three legends announced ot the legends roster thus far, along with Alfonso Soriano and Grady Sizemore.

However, it is unclear how Clemente will be acquired through the game. Hopefully, he is a free giveaway to those who either pre-order the game or at least make him easy to acquire through a few simple challenges. For years I have been wanting to have Clemente available in the game, but I guess it’s better late than never. I mean, come on, fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates or not, who wouldn’t want to be able to use Clemente?!

There is no need to explain that Clemente is one of the greatest all-around players the game has ever seen. He hit for a career slash line of .317/.359/.475. Clemente also had a career .365 wOBA, 129 wRC+, and a WAR of 80.6. The one aspect of his game that fascinated me was his defense with a career dWAR of 84.4, 283 outfield assists, and a TZ rating of 204. One of the weirdest stats about Clement was the number of hits he ultimately died with, which was exactly 3,000.

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Whether it was planned or not by Sony’s San Diego studios to release Clemente on MLB The Show 21 or not, I say bravo to them on finally giving baseball fans around the world to play as one of the greatest ballplayers and man the world has ever seen!