Pittsburgh Pirates: Jon Heyman Tweets extension news for Key Player

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(Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images) /

Wednesday afternoon MLB Reporter Jon Heyman tweeted some big news regarding Ke’Bryan Hayes and the Pittsburgh Pirates organization.

There is some big news happening in the Pittsburgh Pirates world today. MLB reporter Jon Heyman is reporting some really exciting news, and it deals with probably one of the Pirate’s biggest hopes for years to come. Mr. Heyman is reporting that the Pirates have begun to talk about extending Ke’Bryan Hayes, but according to Heyman, it’s in very early stages and doesn’t have traction yet.

This kind of move isn’t unheard of, but seeing it happen in the Pittsburgh Pirates Organization makes you feel all cozy inside to see progress with management of key players. It also validates all of the positivity you hear from guys like Ben Cherington and Travis Williams when they say, “We want to compete for championships.” Competing for a championship, in my opinion, will start and end with a young man wearing number 13 patrolling the hot corner for years to come.

It’s been said time and time again, but Ke’Bryan Hayes is not just an N.L favorite for rookie of the year, but if he continues to do what he did last year, he may compete for batting titles year in and year out. If you missed last season with Hayes, I need to know where the HELL have you been, but I got you. Last year Hayes slashed .376/.442/.682. It may have only been 23 games, but Hayes stole the hearts of every fan who’s longed to feel something again.

The full Heyman tweet reads like this.

"” Pirates made extension offer to great young 3B Ke’Bryan Hayes, but there’s no traction there. If Pirates should extend anyone, it’s Hayes. Had 1.124 OPS last year, 1.259 in spring. Perennial All-Star ability. Would send nice message. But these early deals are becoming infrequent.”"

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This spring, we have seen Hayes continue his red hot streak with him batting .432 as well as having an OPS of 1.259. The Pittsburgh Pirates have extended young players before, but other than McCutchen, I haven’t been this excited about a potential extension. Hopefully they and get something done, because we all how valuable Hayes is to this team.