Pittsburgh Pirates: Clear The Deck! Interview with Greg Brown

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Pittsburgh Pirates
PITTSBURGH, PA – APRIL 13: Players line up along the first and third base lines prior to the start of the Opening Day game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Detroit Tigers at PNC Park on April 13, 2015 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images) /

Finding his style

Greg Brown mentioned his heroes and idols, and it made me think. I was wondering if he modeled his style to his heroes or anyone else that was broadcasting during his youth.

"BROWNS RESPONSE: “Mike Lange gave me a huge break when he was doing cable games for the Pittsburgh Pirates along with Steve Blass. One year I was doing pre and post game, just like what Robbie Incmikoski does now. Lange gave me an incredible opportunity out of the blue one day and let me call a couple of innings of a Pirates and Mets game because it was a doubleheader, and he needed a break. Continued: That act was one of the most unselfish and kind acts I’ve ever been a part of, let alone witnessed. I did two innings in the mid-80s,’ and not long ago, I got the tape of it, and I listened to it, and I swear I sounded like a mini Milo Hamilton. When I was younger, to a fault, I would always try to sound like Milo and Lanny.” Continued: “I also worked in Buffalo for some time, and I think by then, I weened my way off of sounded like others like Milo and Lanny and started forming my own voice. I think every broadcaster will tell you they grab something from everyone. I’ve worked with many great partners, and I would say I’ve taken a part of them with me when I call games.”"