Pittsburgh Pirates: Clear The Deck! Interview with Greg Brown

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Pittsburgh Pirates Steve Blass
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Greg and Steve

Speaking of great partners in the booth, nothing makes a booth more fun than to have a color guy call games alongside a solid play-by-play man. None embodied that more than the combination of Steve Blass and Greg Brown. I wanted to know what was Brown’s relationship like with Blass both in and out of the booth.

"BROWN’S RESPONSE: “Listening to Steve talk baseball was an out of body experience for me. Here I grow up a Pirates fan in central PA, knowing Steve Blass was one of the Pirates greats, and I actually get to meet him and work with him and Mike Lange. I got to know Steve and became friends with him then. Now fast forward, and he and I are partners for many years. Continued: “To this day, I just sit and listen to his stories even though he’s retired and off the air now. He tells people that I could probably recite his act and go on stage and impersonate him. He’s got an incredible sense of timing and humor and a passion for making people laugh. It’s still a lot of fun to just sit back and listen to his stories.”"

To actually hear Greg Brown talk about Steve Blass, put a smile from ear to hear on me. To hear the story of how two great friends met and in the situation, it happened in is nothing short of incredible to hear.