Pittsburgh Pirates: Clay Holmes has a Milwaukee Brewers Problem


While, overall, Clay Holmes has pitched well this season for the Pittsburgh Pirates, he has struggled against the Milwaukee Brewers

Entering the 2021 season Clay Holmes was viewed as a potential breakout candidate for the Pittsburgh Pirates. While Holmes has caught flack from plenty of Pirate fans, overall, he has had a solid 2021 season.

Overall this season Holmes has pitched 34.1 innings. In these 34.1 innings pitched he’s allowed just 29 hits and a pair of home runs (0.52 HR/9). While he has struck out 21.8% of batters faced, Holmes has also walked 13.5% of batters faced.

All of this has led to Holmes posting a 4.46 ERA thus far this season. However, this does not tell the whole story on Holmes. Both his strikeout rate and FIP (4.03) indicate that his ERA is not an appropriate indication of what Holmes has done this season.

While, overall, Holmes has pitched well this season, most of his struggles have come against the Milwaukee Brewers. After allowing 2 earned runs without recording an out against the Brewers on Thursday night, Holmes has now allowed 8 earned runs against the Brewers this season.

Holmes has allowed just 17 earned runs in 34.1 innings pitched this season. 8 of these earned runs have come against the Brewers in 1.0 innings pitched across 3 outings thus far in the 2021 season.

Against the Brewers this season Holmes has faced 15 batters and has allowed 5 hits. He has walked 7 batters and struck out just 1. So, it goes without saying that Holmes has had a Brewers problem this season.

If you take away the Brewers, Holmes owns just a 2.45 ERA. His walk rate drops to 9.9%, while his strikeout rate jumps to 23.4%. Again, Holmes has had a Milwaukee Brewers problem during the 2021 season.

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Against every time except the Brewers, Holmes has been a very good reliever this season. However, when facing the Brewers, Holmes has struggled mightily. With the Brewers being a NL Central foe, it is important for Holmes to figure out what has plagued him against Milwaukee this season.