The Pittsburgh Pirates’ No All-Star Game All-Star Team

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Right Field

Lee Lacy

Lee Lacy never was a full-on regular throughout most of his career, but he was still productive despite his mostly semi-regular playing time. The speedy outfielder/second baseman batted .304/.357/.438 with a .354 wOBA, 121 wRC+, and 119 OPS+ throughout his entire time with the Pittsburgh Pirates. This spanned across 6 different campaigns and 1976 plate appearances.

Lacy was a big stolen base threat. He stole over 20 bases in 4 of the six seasons he had with the Bucs, including 31 in 1983 and 40 in 1982. As a defender, he was usually an above-average outfielder with +8 total zone runs. TZ saw him as a below-average defensive outfielder just once, that being in 1982 with -12 TZ.

Lacy’s best career season came in 1984, the last campaign he would spend in a Pirate uniform. In 520 plate appearances, Lacy put up a .321/.362/.464 line, .368 wOBA, 132 OPS+ and wRC+. Lacy hit a career-high amount of doubles with 26 while having 12 long balls (just one short of his career-best mark set in 1978). Plus, he gave the Pirates above-average defense with +2 TZ and 15 outfield assists.

This was far from his only productive season, but in most of his other campaigns, he was much more of a bench player than a regular like in ‘84. He had a 150 wRC+ and 3.3 fWAR in 1980. He was also an above-average hitter from 1972 up to 1978 with a 101 wRC+. He also had two solid seasons with the Baltimore Orioles in 1985-1986.