Pittsburgh Pirates: Three Potential Catchers In The Draft

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The Pittsburgh Pirates could be looking into these three catching draft prospects in the upcoming amature draft.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have the #1 overall pick in this upcoming draft. The three top draft prospects right now look like Marcelo Mayer, Kahill Watson, and Henry Davis. However, there’s a case to be made for Jordan Lawlar or Jack Leiter.

The Pirates’, like any team’s, draft focus will be on talent and worrying about position later. Right now, the Bucs need to just focus on getting what is seen as the best talent available. Though the system does lack a top-catching prospect. Endy Rodriguez is the team’s only worthwhile backstop in the minors.

Although the team shouldn’t go out of its way to draft a catching prospect, one may fall to them during one of their post-first-selection picks. There are a few that they may show interest in during the second, third, and later rounds. Today, I want to take a look at three potential catching prospects that the team could select in the draft.