Pittsburgh Pirates 2021 Draft: Team Selects Henry Davis First Overall


The Pittsburgh Pirates had the first overall pick in the 2021 Major League Baseball Draft.  So who did they select with the pick?

This was the moment that everyone involved with the Pittsburgh Pirates Organization has been waiting for, the 2021 Major League Draft. This is a big moment for Ben Cherington and his staff, but also for the fans! The Bucs have been under the spotlight for the better part of the last year about who they would take with the first overall pick. Well, they just made their pick.

Since the team has been in this spot there have been plenty of names for consideration. There were a lot of different angles to consider as well.  The team was looking to get the most upside they could get with the pick, but also save money to use toward other picks later.  Also, the pure fact that there is not an obvious prospect to draft.

With all of this being said, the Pittsburgh Pirates made their selection.  With the first overall pick in the 2021 Major League Baseball Draft, the Pittsburgh Pirates selected catcher Henry Davis.  Davis was expected to be the top college pick and ranked number two on FanGraphs big board. Keith Law of The Athletic had Davis at number one on his big board.  With that, he is likely one of the most advanced power bats and should be quick to the bigs if they move him from behind the plate.

The 6’2” right-handed-hitting prospect has played his college ball at Louisville.  Obviously being the first overall pick signability will not be an issue.  The pick is worth $8,415,300, and it is expected for Davis to sign under slot. Here is some of what FanGraphs has on Davis:

"Davis is arguably the safest prospect in the draft because he plays a premium position, has impact raw power, and has no contact red flags. There are teams that are skeptical of his ability to catch but what it means to be a catcher will likely change by the time Davis reaches the big leagues (because of the looming electronic strike zones, which will make framing irrelevant) and put more emphasis on arm strength, which Davis has a plenty of."

This is a really important moment for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The Bucs need to have all their top prospects perform, but when taking a player first overall you hope to get a Franchise Player. Davis has that potential to be a true middle of the lineup bat.

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The moment has finally come and went, the Pittsburgh Pirates made their number one overall selection.  However, the Draft is not over and the Pittsburgh Pirates have plenty to take care of yet.  The team will have the first overall pick on Monday, which is at number 37 overall. The team will also select at pick number 64 as part of the Competitive Balance B Round.  With the biggest allotment to spend, the team has a chance to continue and add significant talent.