Pittsburgh Pirates: Five Left-Handed Pitching Free Agent Targets

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Pittsburgh Pirates

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – AUGUST 09: A Pittsburgh Pirates hat, glove and bat sit in the dugout before the game against the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park on August 9, 2018 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

The Pittsburgh Pirates don’t have very many quality left-handed pitching options for 2022, so they should conisder pursuing these 5 free agent pitchers.

The Pittsburgh Pirates left-handed pitching situation isn’t the best. Currently, Sam Howard and Anthony Banda project as the team’s two left-handed relievers, while Steven Brault and Dillon Peters are their best options for the rotation. There is a possibility that all four of those pitchers are non-tendered or designated for assignment this offseason, with the Pirates moving on from at least two of them appearing to be a lock.

Now, sure, they do have some young and talented left-handers in the system. Omar Cruz will likely make an impact at some point during the 2022 season. Anthony Solometo was considered the best prep lefty in the 2021 draft. Trey McGough led all Pirate minor league pitchers in walk rate. Blake Weiman is considered their best LHP relief prospect. Though only Cruz and maybe McGough and Weiman have the potential to make an impact over the next 2-3 seasons assuming they don’t acquire another through trade. Aside from Solometo, none of the other three are considered high-end prospects, the closest of the trio being Cruz.

Given that the 2022 Pittsburgh Pirates look to be very young while having a lot of roster turnover, the Pirates need to have a few constants throughout the season, especially at a position they have very few quality options at. The team needs to look into adding a left-handed pitcher or two, preferably veterans who have the potential to help lock down spots in either the rotation or bullpen. So who are some options they could explore?

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