Pittsburgh Pirates: Black Friday Shopping 2021

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Pittsburgh Pirates

Jul 7, 2020; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States; Pittsburgh Pirates general manager Ben Cherington observes Summer Training workouts at PNC Park. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In the spirit of the season let’s go Black Friday shopping for the Pittsburgh Pirates as they look to address roster needs in free agency

With the Major League Baseball offseason off to a more high paced start than usual there have been more trades, free agent signings, etc. than would normally take place by Black Friday. This is due to the CBA being set to expire on December 1st and the looming lockout. As a result, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the rest of baseball find themselves facing yet another abnormal offseason.

No one knows how long the lockout will last. What we do know is that it will be a nasty, ugly time between Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball’s Player Association. Due to this, teams are working in ah hurry to get offseason moves done before the CBA expires.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have already made two notable moves. The first was signing free agent starting pitcher José Quintana to a 1-year deal. They then re-signed left-handed slugger Yoshi Tsutsugo to a 1-year deal. However, there are still moves that Ben Cherington and the Pirates need to make.

Looking at the list of free agents there are some bargain deals the Pittsburgh Pirates could make in order to bolster their roster in 2022. So, let’s go Black Friday shopping for the Pirates in an effort to improve their roster and meet some needs.

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