Pittsburgh Pirates: 3 Prospects Who Need to Rebound in 2022

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Pittsburgh Pirates
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In order to have consistent success, the Pittsburgh Pirates need to have a consistent pipeline of prospect talent.

Gone are the days of wandering what the Pittsburgh Pirates plan of action was going to be under the new Front Office.  The team has spent the better part of the last two years dismantling the Major League roster and bulking up the minor league system with prospect talent. Now it is time to see if Ben Cherington’s plan will actually work.

With 2022 upon us, the Pittsburgh Pirates should start competing a little more.  We have been told to wait until 2023, but if the team is truly going to be competitive in 2023 then they need to start showing signs of that this upcoming season.  How good they will actually be remains in question. A lot of the future success of this team will depend on how some of the young players progress.

This is why the team needs to make sure that they do not “miss” on prospects.  Obviously, this is naturally going to happen, but it seems like the Pittsburgh Pirates have had a lot of bad luck with this.  Maybe it is more under a microscope because the team has such little room for error.  However, the important thing will be to make sure they are still getting something out of the players even if they do not reach their true potential.  So who are 3 prospects that need to bounce back in 2022: