Pittsburgh Pirates 2022 Outlook: Miguel Yajure


The 2022 season could be a big one for Miguel Yajure as he looks to cement himself in the starting rotation of the Pittsburgh Pirates

Acquired as part of the Jameson Taillon trade last offseason, starting pitcher Miguel Yajure could have a big future with the Pittsburgh Pirates. At the ned of the 2021 season he was ranked as a top 100 prospect by FanGraphs.

While Yajure will never be a power pitcher he has terrific control and the ability to be a strong middle of the rotation MLB starting pitcher. During the 2022 season he should get a big opportunity with the Pittsburgh Pirates to cement himself.

The Pittsburgh Pirates will want to see Yajure cement himself as a potential long-term building block in their starting rotation. When the Pirates acquired Yajure in the Taillon trade they had high hopes for him. After making 4 MLB appearances, 3 of which were starts, in 2021, 2022 will be his opportunity to take the next step.

Yajure’s overall MLB numbers in 2021 were not pretty. In 15 innings pitched he posted a 8.40 ERA and an 8.50 FIP. This biggest issue was him allowing 6 home runs, which comes out to a 3.60 hR/9 rate.

Injuries were also a huge story for Yajure in 2021. He missed essentially the entire summer due to a forearm issue. In his two September outings with the Pirates the righty allowed 10 runs on 12 hits and 4 home runs in 5.2 innings pitched.

Yajure’s two poor September outings negated his two strong early season starts with the Pirates. In his first two starts with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Yajure allowed just 4 runs on 5 hits, 3 walks, 8 strikeouts, and 2 home runs in 9.1 innings pitched.

FanGraphs ranks Yajure’s fastball as having a future value grade of 50. His Curveball and changeup both have a FV of 50, while his cutter is given a FV of 55. Yajure’s command and overall future value are both given a 50-grade rating as well.

A 50 FV indicates that FanGraphs views a pitcher as being an average every day player. This would project Yajure to be, at worst, a mid-rotation starting pitcher moving forward.

With Yajure’s strong control numbers it is hard to envision him not panning out as at least a quality mid-to-back of the rotation starting pitcher. His career walk rate in the minor leagues is just 6.1%, and he has a career professional strikeout rate over 20%. These two things should lead to Yajure being a quality starting pitcher in the majors.

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Yajure should start the 2022 season in the Pirate starting rotation. The Pittsburgh Pirates will likely give Yajure every opportunity to work out of their starting rotation. The 2022 season could be Yajure’s opportunity to breakout in MLB. If this happens, it will be a positive development for the Pirates.