Pittsburgh Pirates News: Former Base Coach Kimera Bartee Passes Away


The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Pirates family, in general, are mourning the loss of a former base coach.

The Holiday season can be a tough time for people.  A few years back I lost my grandfather on New Year’s eve, something that has stayed with me for a long time. He was one of my main influences and a big reason why I fell in love with Baseball and the Pittsburgh Pirates. It is hard to celebrate the Holidays when something devastating or unexpected occurs.

Many across Baseball woke up to some really sad news.  Former Pittsburgh Pirates base coach and outfield instructor Kimera Bartee had passed away.  The reasons are not yet known, but it was considered to be unexpected. Many have taken to Social Media to pay their respects to the man and the coach.

Detroit Tigers General Manager Al Avila:

Bartee was slated to continue and coach with the Detroit Tigers in 2022.  He was hired by the Tigers last offseason after spending the 2 previous years with the Philadelphia Phillies.  Overall Bartee worked for the Pittsburgh Pirates Organization for 12 years before he was let go in 2019.

While Bartee was considered to be a very good outfield coach he, unfortunately, was tied to the previous regime who basically were all let go that same offseason. His best work with the Pittsburgh Pirates came when he helped shape outfielder Corey Dickerson into a Gold Glove player.  Dickerson won the award in 2018 on top of putting together a solid couple of years with the Bucs.

To bring this back, many players across baseball have had personal experiences and interactions with Bartee.  He was a part of molding Baseball players for more than a decade and was always seen in a positive light by his peers.  You gotta feel for those players who all had a chance to connect with Bartee.

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There has not been an update given on what caused Bartee to pass away.  He was just 49 years of age and gone too soon.  Bartee was a big part of the Baseball and Pittsburgh Pirates community.  He will be missed by many and please take a moment of silence for him, his family, and friends that he has made along the way.