Pittsburgh Pirates: The Iceberg of Facts, Stories, & Trivia

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Pittsburgh Pirates
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The Pittsburgh Pirates have been around since Major League Baseball’s inception. So the team has plenty of history, but did you know these facts about the Pirates?

One of the trends currently on the internet is iceberg fact rankings. This is based on this photo and graph of an iceberg. Essentially, this is the ranking of information, trivia, and facts on one topic based on the obscurity or how well-known the information is. Level one, or the tip of the iceberg, is pretty well-known facts that even non-fans will likely know, while the sixth level, or depths of the ocean, is very obscure and facts that the most hardcore fan might not even know.

Given the amount of history the Pittsburgh Pirates have, you could make a list like this for the franchise, which is what I’m about to attempt to do. Since the inception of Major League Baseball, the team has been around pretty much, so I’m sorry if I leave out something you may have felt should have been on here.

So with that out of the way, let’s look at our first level of facts.