Pittsburgh Pirates: Points of Interest for FanGraph’s Top 100


The Pittsburgh Pirates are looking to build a winning team from within their own Organization.  Do they have the prospects to do it?

With Major League Baseball set to cancel Spring Training games, there is all but one thing to look forward to as Baseball fans, the Minor Leagues.  The Minor League season will still take place as scheduled which is good news for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  This is yet another important year in the Team’s rebuild and development for the future.

This is also the time of the year when prospect lists are focused on.  Many sites have already released their top 100 prospect lists, and the Pittsburgh Pirates have been well represented on those lists. This is obviously good news, regardless of whether or not those sites are 100% accurate or not.

However, there is one site that will be releasing their Top 100 list this upcoming week. FanGraphs will be releasing their much anticipated 2022 list.  This is a big deal as for me personally FanGraphs is my go-to for prospect information.  MLB Pipeline and Baseball America both do great work as well, but FanGraphs seems to give a more accurate representation.

So the question is what will the FanGraphs top 100 list look like for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  It is safe to assume that Henry Davis, Oneil Cruz, Nick Gonzales, Roansy Contreras, Quinn Priester, and Liover Peguero will make the list.  However, where on the list they will rank will be the interesting part.  This will be especially interesting to see how they view these prospects versus the other sites.

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Of course, there are other points of interest as well.  How will they rank compared to other Organizations? Who moved up on the list and who moved down?  What about the Pittsburgh Pirates 2020 and 2021 Draft picks versus other players they could have selected.  It will be interesting and give fans something to talk about as Minor League Spring Training gets underway.