Pittsburgh Pirates Rumors: Padres Checking in on Bryan Reynolds


The Pittsburgh Pirates have a tough decision to make with one of their star players.  The team could look to trade him and there are teams that are interested.

It has been a very weird offseason that is, to say the least.  Obviously, the Lockout impacted Baseball in a lot of ways. It completely ruined things for the Pittsburgh Pirates and other teams, but also for fans.  Before the Lockout went into place teams were very active with deals getting done and rumors swirling. The Lockout promptly shut everything down and since the start back up things have not been quite as exciting, especially with Spring Training getting underway.

One of those “rumors” was about outfielder Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Bryan Reynolds. Reynolds is a very unique player and asset.  He is 27 years old and the Pittsburgh Pirates have team control over him through his age 30 season.  So locking him up to extension would not really buy out all that many of his “prime” years. On the flip side, it would lock up the team’s star and show the fanbase that the Organization will step up and spend to keep a player like Reynolds.

There has not been a ton in terms of rumors about an extension for Reynolds.  Reynolds himself said he was not aware of any contract extension talks.  Even if it was just through his agent it obviously is clear that the two sides are not financially on the same side.  So naturally trade rumors kicked up.

Pittsburgh Pirates fans learned that the Miami Marlins and Seattle Mariners called about the outfielder at last season’s Trade Deadline.  We also know that the Marlins have continued to show interest in him this offseason.  However, the report is that the Pittsburgh Pirates are looking for a King’s ransom in return (as they should).

Well now apparently there is a new team in the mix. The San Diego Padres and Pittsburgh Pirates have had talks according to Bob Nightengale of USA Today:

If there is a team that has the prospects and players to get a deal done it is the Padres.  Also, Ben Cherington has done his work on the Padres system after dealing Joe Musgrove and Adam Frazier with them within the last year or so.  Time will tell if this is legitimate or just a rumor.