Pittsburgh Pirates 2022 Mock Draft 1.0: Projecting a College Bat

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Pittsburgh Pirates
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The Pittsburgh Pirates have the fourth overall selection in this year’s Amateur Draft.  Who could the team select with the pick?

The Pittsburgh Pirates are drafting in the Top 5 in back-to-back seasons.  Last year the team had the first overall selection.  They took catcher Henry Davis first overall, arguably the top college bat in the Draft class. Some questioned the pick at the time, but Davis has impressed so far in his brief career.

For multiple reasons the Pittsburgh Pirates were able to save money on the Davis selection which allowed them to be more aggressive with their other selections. The team was able to use their savings and select high-end prep talent with their later picks.  Their next three selections were Anthony Solometo, Lonnie White Jr., and Bubba Chandler.  All three of these players ranked very highly and received over-slot bonuses.

Will the Pittsburgh Pirates have a similar approach to this year’s Draft?  With the team selecting fourth overall they will be on the outside looking in at the top 3.  Last year was nice as the team had the top pick and could weigh out their options well beforehand.  This year they will need to wait and see who goes in front of them.  So let’s take a look at who could end up at four for them: