Pittsburgh Pirates: Three 40-Man Roster Moves That Need Made

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The Pittsburgh Pirates should remove these three players from the 40-man roster and replace them with these three prospects.

One of the things I mentioned at the beginning of June that the Pittsburgh Pirates need to do is weed out the 40-man roster. So far, they haven’t had to make many moves because some players have been moved to the 60-man roster. However, they did designate Cole Tucker for assignment, a player just keeping a seat warm for a better prospect.

Although the Pittsburgh Pirates have taken some initiative, more needs to be done could do more to improve the roster. The Pirates could make some easy calls to clear out space for other players. I want to take a look at three of those easy calls. Not only do I want these players to be removed from the 40-man roster, but I also want to take a look at who could potentially replace them on the roster.

Note that you won’t be seeing anyone who is currently shelved on the injured list. Kevin Newman isn’t taking up a 40-man roster spot because he is on the 60-day IL. Yoshi Tsutsugo and Josh VanMeter may have been in DFA-limbo earlier this year but are on the 10-day IL.