Pittsburgh Pirates Rumors: Bryan Reynolds “Isn’t Going Anywhere”

Mandatory Credit: David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports /

The Pittsburgh Pirates have one of the best outfielders in all of Major League Baseball.  Will teams try to make a trade for him?

Since last year’s trade deadline there has been a lot of rumors and speculation surrounding outfielder Bryan Reynolds.  It was always assumed that the Pittsburgh Pirates would listen on Reynolds. Still, the team would have to be blown away by a trade package to actually consider moving the 27-year-old.

The two most connected teams to Bryan Reynolds to date have been the Seattle Mariners and Miami Marlins. Both the Mariners and Marlins reportedly made runs at the star outfielder during 2021.  However, the asking price was very high with the Bucs asking for multiple top 100 prospects in return.

So far this year there has not been much in terms of rumors. The Yankees were said to have some interest, but nothing more than that. Part of this could be because teams looking for long-term outfield upgrades might be in on Juan Soto and waiting to see how that plays out.  However, according to Jon Heyman, the Pittsburgh Pirates do not seem all that motivated to deal the star outfielder.  Heyman tweeted earlier today:

Obviously, this is good news for fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The team has been rebuilding for years now and it is time for that to end.  This team has some promising young talent making their way up through the minor league system.  Keeping a guy like Reynolds around could be crucial to this team’s future success.

On the other hand, the return for Reynolds could be astronomical.  Heyman makes it sound as if teams are not willing to move the prospect value that the Bucs want in return. So if a team did decide to meet that value obviously it would be quite the package of talent.  Also, potentially the runner-ups in the Soto sweepstakes could be reactionary and be willing to part with their elite talent still.

Either way, things would look good for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  I personally want the team to keep him at this point and see where things go next year.  His contract is guaranteed for 7 million dollars in 2023.  After that, he will be up for arbitration which could get expensive for the star outfielder.  If the team is not able to work out a long-term deal then it will be interesting to see how much longer Reynolds would be a Pirate.