Pittsburgh Pirates: Best 60 Game Samples Sizes in Team History

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The 60-game season in 2020 led to FanGraphs creating a 60-game span leaderboard, but who have the best 60-game sprints in Pittsburgh Pirates history?

The 2020 MLB season was shortened to just 60 games, the shortest MLB season in history. Even World War II and the United States enacting the draft didn’t stop MLB from playing 155 games in 1941. COVID left questions about whether a season would even be played, but 60-games is better than no games.

But the 60-game season meant you would have a season full of small sample sizes. If a position player played 90% of his team’s games in 2020, he only played in 54 contests. The Pittsburgh Pirates 60th game of the 2022 season was on June 14. That small of a sample size can lead to some interesting stats.

FanGraphs thought the same thing and created the 60-game split leaderboard on their website. Arguably the most popular baseball site out there, you can sort the best and worst 60-game spans throughout baseball history, and today, I want to take a look at the two best in the Pirates’ history. We’ll look at both the best 60-game spans for both a position player and a pitcher.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at our first player.