Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects: Five Best Left-Handed Pitchers

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South Carolina pitcher Julian Bosnic (18) delivers a pitch in relief against Alabama during the SEC Tournament Tuesday, May 25, 2021, in the Hoover Met in Hoover, Alabama. [Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.]Sec Tournament Alabama Vs South Carolina /

Julian Bosnic

The last player to sign from the Pirates’ 2022 draft class, Julian Bosnic, was an excellent use of their 14th-round selection. It is a risk/reward pick, but you can’t ignore the massive upside that comes with Bosnic. While many project his home eventually being the bullpen, this is still a lefty who has a chance to start in the future. He’s arguably the most underrated pick from the team’s ‘22 draft class.

Bosnic finished off a dominant college season for the University of South Carolina. He worked a total of 50.2 innings, posting a 2.84 ERA and .93 WHIP. Bosnic’s 12.1% walk rate isn’t going to impress anyone. But he struck out well over a third of the batters he faced with a 37.9% K-rate while holding opponents to an HR/9 of .36. Bosnic also allowed just 22 total base hits for a 3.91 hits-per-9 rate.

Bosnic’s fastball averages out in the low-to-mid-90s and can crank it up to hit 97 MPH when he needs to. His high-spin curveball gets a ton of swings and misses as well. His change-up displays solid movement, but it’s not a pitch he’s very familiar with. But that’s nothing some coaching likely couldn’t fix.

Bosnic’s command is fringy at best, which was indicated by his 12.1% walk rate but reflected by his athleticism and mechanics. The southpaw has trouble repeating his delivery, partly because he isn’t the most athletic pitcher ever. He has a 6’3”, 215-pound frame but has a high-effort delivery. His stuff looks excellent, but his mechanics are his biggest flaw, which leads to shaky command.

Bosnic’s future will be determined by his physical and mechanical development. He entered the 2021 draft as a potential early-round selection, was selected by the SF Giants in the 16th round, but ended up not signing. He’s previously had Tommy John surgery but looks to be fully healthy and recovered. If the Pirates can tweak his delivery and make it more repeatable, thus helping his command, and get him more used to throwing a change-up, he could be a starting pitcher.